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5th & 13th Agincourt Scout Group


Scouting today isn't just about camping, outdoor activities, or community service -- it is a vibrant organization with members all around the world! As Scouting starts its second century, its members come from all across the planet, from every race, gender and status -- and the new people you meet in your first meeting can become long-lasting friends. But most importantly, IT'S FUN!

Scouting is about teamwork, serving the community we live in, developing responsibility and helping its members to achieve their physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potential, not only as individuals, but as responsible citizens.

5th & 13th Agincourt is a Scouts Canada member group that operates in east-end Toronto, Ontario under the Greater Toronto Council. We have provided Scouting programs in the Scarborough area since 1955. Our moral and financial support comes from the parents of youth members, several fundraising activities during the year, and from local businesses and community organizations.

Our main sponsor is Wendy's Restaurant, 2501 Victoria Park Avenue.

The Group is made up of different youth program sections:

A group committee is responsible for overseeing the Group, and comprises a leader from each youth section, plus a secretary, treasurer, and chairperson.

Our membership area is bounded generally by these streets:

Each Scout group has a unique scarf and colours to represent it, and distinguish its members from other Scouting groups. 5th Agincourt's group scarf is the Princess Margaret Rose tartan. You may have noticed that this tartan's colours are reversed from the MacGregor tartan.

Please explore our website to discover more about our Group and Scouting programs!